About evelyne pouget

I began my art career in 1992, after realizing there must have been a reason why my teacher, Baba Muktananda, used to call me "The Painter" — even though, until then, I had never picked up a paint brush.  My first painting was a portrait of him — a painting that astounded me and others. I realized then, the rest of my life was going to be the adventure of exploring the depths of that gift.

Born in Paris, I have lived in Rome, India, and New York City, and am now dividing my time between San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Woodstock, NY.

After years of working primarily in oils and oil pastels, I am now focusing on digital art –inspired by the indigenous dancers of San Miguel de Allende.  For the past 12 years I have been photographing them as they parade through the streets on specific honored holidays. Their nobility, authenticity, and power have affected me deeply and I feel grateful to have witnessed their timeless rituals and the deep ways in which they honor their sacred traditions. My digital paintings are my attempt to show the many layers of tradition behind the Indigenous ceremonial dances.

My focus now, beside my digital paintings is to start a “Indigenous Wisdom” project, to collect Indigenous wisdom all around the Americas, interviews, film, ceremonies, dances, food, farming, meditations, chants and casual conversations, with all the Indigenous keepers of knowledge, in multiple countries of the Americas: ”Sabiduria Indigena 2020". Keep in touch…..